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Meet the Team

Janette Votaw

Owner, Acupuncturist, MSTCM 

Jan's life took a fated turn, when she began experiencing fatigue and chronic pain in her thirties. Struggling to be her own advocate, as so many do, in the western medicine system, she got tired of prescriptions and acute symptom treatment. Jan wanted health, not just temporary solutions. With much reluctance she turned to alternative medicinal therapies and booked an appointment with an acupuncturist. Jan was committed to her health and slowly, over the course of two years her fatigue and chronic pain disappeared. Jan's success with acupuncture, peaked her curiosity and she became fascinated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. A few years later she returned to school to earn a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help others facilitate their own healing journeys. 

Jan's dream has grown to include many other modalities and practitioners. She is dedicated to holistic health and offering alternatives to the western medical system, that often focuses on quick fixes instead of long term wellness. Jan has over 17 years experience now and an incredible healing team to support her mission to wellness.   


Call 530-892-1196 to book an appointment with Jan at either location.


Chico Team

Our Chico Team includes Massage Therapists, Reiki Practitioners and a Somatic Integration Specialist

Red Bluff Team

Our Red Bluff Team includes Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapists

Read what some of our clients think about this team!

Barbara, Chico

“My Somatic Integration journey has opened a door for me to have and maintain the healthiest relationship with myself. I couldn't ever imagine my healing journey without having Ashley in it."

Michelle, Chico

"Jan's acupuncture treatments helped me recover from my knee replacement surgery with less pain and swifter than I had previously expected. Jan is incredible!"

Stephanie, Chico

“Jan worked with me throughout my entire second pregnancy. There was a notable difference between my comfort in my first pregnancy and my second. I know it was the acupuncture treatments that made all the difference. ”
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