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The Healing Center was founded over 18 years ago by Janette Votaw with the mission to provide her community a place to become their whole selves, while living enriching, healthy and active lives. 


The Healing Center has an integrative medical team made up of healers in Chico and Red Bluff. We focus on restorative and preventative care, offering several modalities, including:




Halo Therapy also known as Dry Salt Therapy 

Herbal Therapy

Somatic Integration Therapy 

Massage Therapy 

Integrative Nutrition

Red Light Therapy

Chakra Balancing Sessions with the Rainbow Chakra Mat 5024 and Red Light

We are proud to be the only facility in Chico that offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments


Janette’s vision continues to grow. The Healing Center is always expanding and incorporating new therapies and practitioners. Our mission is to serve our community with proactive care and educate our clients in such a way that empowers them to take their health into their own hands.


“Went in for upper back pain. Massage and chiropractic didn't help much. Felt immediate relief/release of pain half way thru session. She also gave some solid wellness advice during the consult.  I will return for sure.”

Leah C. 

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