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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Do acupuncture needles hurt? 

A.  No. The needles we use are tiny and have a simple plastic applicator for a fairly shallow insertion. It is quite common to not feel the needle at all.  If a needle were to feel uncomfortable, it would be removed. 

Q. Is acupuncture safe

A. Absolutely. Not only are the sterile needles individually wrapped in sealed medical grade packaging, they are opened right before insertion. Additionally, Janette has over 16 years of safe practices. 

Q. How often do I need to come in for treatment?

A. Every patient and diagnosis is unique. Janette will work with you on an indivually based treatment plan. 

Q. What do I wear?

A. Plan on wearing comfortable clothes that are easy for you to relax in. Most treatments work around your clothing but if we need you to remove anything, we have blankets for your modesty.


Q. Are walk-in appointments available? 

A. Unfortunately, due to our massage therapists schedule and demand, we ask everyone to call to schedule an appointment.


Q. What if I fall asleep? 

A. This happens frequently and is simply just a sign that you're relaxing into your session. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Q. What do I wear? 

A. Wear comfortable clothes to your session that are easy to remove. Your massage therapist will leave the room while you undress and get under the sheet on the bed. They are professionals at accommodating your modesty.


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“Went in for upper back pain. Massage and chiropractic didn't help much. Felt immediate relief/release of pain half way thru session. She also gave some solid wellness advice during the consult.  I will return for sure.”

Leah C. 

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